“I met [Dr. Strangeloop] for the very first time last week in LA, having been a great admirer of his work for the last couple years. I can tell you he is seriously involved in pioneering the next step in the evolution of performance, fusing sonics, narrative, and visuals into an overwhelming hyper-sensory experience.” -Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC1


The incredible Mary Anne Hobbs just featured an exclusive audio-visual edit from my ‘2010‘ project on BBC1, accompanying a unique mix of the soundtrack. 2010 : [or] How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Technological Singularity is an ever-evolving avant-sci-fi narrative about a dystopia alternate universe where an AI-deity searches for transcendence in an archaic laptop. It had its International premier at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and its Los Angeles premier at the Brainfeeder Sessions last month. It changes every time I perform it in a live-context, and it is composed of all-original music and visuals.

Some of the mandalic images were created in collaboration with artist Leigh J. McCloskey, the visionary painter behind Flying Lotus’s phenomenal ‘Cosmogramma’ album artwork. A limited edition run of 300 signed copies of ‘2010‘ will be available through the Institute for Cinema Studies, this run will include a full-version of the film, full soundtrack, b-sides, artwork, and more. The person who receives the copy number #2010 will get special unreleased material, b-sides, and the opportunity to destroy my television set. Enjoy!

2010 – audio-visual mix for Mary Anne Hobbs

2010 – soundtrack mix for BBC1

2010 – limited edition copies at ICS