The Gaslamp Killer: “When I’m In Awe” [ft. Gonjasufi]



Los Angeles-based producer the Gaslamp Killer has a new EP, Death Gate, that’s set to drop October 12 on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. The EP features a collaboration with Gonjasufi that you can check out below. In case your memory’s short, the pair also worked together on this year’s BNM’d solo LP from Gonjasufi, A Sufi and a Killer.

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DOWNLOAD: MP3 – The Gaslamp Killer ft. Gonjasufi “When I’m In Awe”

TEEBS – Arthur’s Birds


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The birdman of Brainfeeder: Teebs premieres first single off ‘Ardour’

Flying Lotus has described Teebs’ music as sounding “the way ‘Avatar’ looks.” And those familiar with the 23-year-old visual artist and musician’s canvasses would be prone to concur.
Like the Teebs-painted album cover at right, his music is a yarn ball of intense colors and peculiar crevices. His last EP was titled “Tropics,” and it boasted the spectral beauty of his artwork, with beats that bloomed with pastel color. His sound is a Gordian knot, impossible to unravel but bright as agate.

It’s a balance of the baroque with the abstract, a collision between tangled futuristic projections and everyday objects. One of his best mixes was called “2 a.m. Wine,” and it captured Teebs’ ability to project an Ambien-addled aesthetic — a gauzy, gorgeous haze ideal for the witching hours.

His first single for his Brainfeeder debut LP, “Ardour,” expands on these ideas, and illustrates why it’s one of the most anticipated records within the Los Angeles beat community. Since moving from New York several years ago, the producer-artist born Mtendere Mandowa has been one of the city’s brightest prospects, a member of the My Hollow Drum collective, a frequent Dublab guest and a Low End Theory staple. Additionally, BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs included one of his tracks on her “Wild Angels” compilation.

“Ardour” is slated to be released Oct. 19th. It figures to be worth marking your calendar in advance.

– Jeff Weiss

DOWNLOAD: MP3 Teebs – “Arthur’s Birds”

LORN by Shaun Bloodworth

HH 8321copy
HH 8355copy

KUTMAH by Shaun Bloodworth

HH 8254copy

TOKiMONSTA – September Tour: EU / UK / AU


Europe / UK

-Tel Aviv :: Thurs Sept 2 @ Shesek Lounge
-Paris :: Fri Sept 3 @ La Bellevoise
-London :: Sat Sept 4 @ KOKO
-Croatia :: Sun Sept 5 @ Fort Punta


-Perth :: Fri Sept 17 @ Villa
-Brisbane :: Sat Sept 18 @ The Empire
-Sydney :: Fri Sept 24 @ Roxanne Parlour
-Melbourne :: Sat Sept 25 @ The Forum

The Gaslamp Killer – Summer EU x UK Tour




Flying Lotus – Pattern+Grid World
WAP308 – 20/21 September 2010
CD / Digital / Vinyl (including free poster by Theo Ellsworth)

1. Clay
2. Kill Your Co-Workers
3. PieFace
4. Time Vampires
5. Jurassic Notion/M Theory
6. Camera Day
7. Physics For Everyone!

As postmodernist space odysseys go, Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma has confidently weaved itself into the lineage of Sun Ra and his Astro Infinity Arkestra’s Strange Strings, Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth and Afrika Bambaata’s Planet Rock…

While Cosmogramma is a monolithic convergence of 20th and 21st century musical forms, high in concept and wide in musical collaboration, Pattern+Grid World pulls the focus back to Steven Ellison and his machines. These machines are speaking (and possibly looking as well, judging by the EP’s cover) from the go, as “Clay” introduces itself in a fog of synth and vocoder and gives way to one of the many surprises here, the schizophrenic ping-ponging electro of “Kill Your Co-Workers”. Drenched in alternating melodies, it’s a synthetic counterpart to the grand string and harp arrangements of Cosmogramma, making acclaimed illustrator Theo Ellsworth’s subtly psychedelic cover image of vision-through-noise all the more intimate.

When Flying Lotus records hit their stride, all buttons labeled “pause” and “stop” disappear, and this one is no different. “Pie Face” is led by icy keys that could almost be mistaken for classic grime, before the stoned plastic marching band steps in. “Time Vampires” amazingly lands somewhere between vintage DJ Premier and Lee Hazelwood, while the stripped back bass and drum explorations of “Jurassic Notion/M Theory” are as shamanic and ceremonial as anything you’re likely to hear come out of California. If “Camera Day” brings to mind a certain crew of dungeon-dwelling ATLiens, it won’t come as much of a surprise that Killer Mike found its syrupy bounce recently inspiring.

Much of the messages surrounding Cosmogramma’s release as well as reportage on the world’s ever-emerging beat scenes has painted a picture of Flying Lotus as a patriarchal figure blazing the trail for scores of young artists with new conceptual notions of what can be done with a drum machine and a dream. While this notion is certainly not inaccurate, it sometimes overshadows the fact that FlyLo is also an incredibly singular entity. However, as “Physics For Everyone!” stutters to a close, if you listen closely you might just make out the sound of another kid in his room somewhere in the world, anxiously tapping out his first beat.



LORN – “None An Island”

Out 13th September 2010.

Lorn aka Marcos Ortega returns with a new EP from his critically acclaimed debut album, “Nothing Else.”

One of the standout tracks from a breakthrough record, “None An Island” combines Lorn’s trademark overt emotionalism, brutality and bleakness into something transcendentally beautiful. Brainfeeder labelmate Samiyam then takes “Brainwaves” and converts it into a lowriding, limping journey into paranoia and fear. Lorn ups the ante yet again by returning with two new original tracks, “Never Enough,” which uses a distorted, rasping, alien voice to syncopate its rhythms, and “Until There Is No End,” which shows that Ortega’s grasp of melody is never compromised by the sheer heaviness of his tracks.

A fantastic accompaniment to his album and a further delving into his sound, “None An Island” strongly suggests we’ll be hearing much more from Lorn for a long time to come…


Compost / Teebs’ Never Repeat It Mix

In anticipation of the October 2010 full-length release of Teebs – “Ardour”, here is the exclusive Brainfeeder-site download of Teebs‘ remix from Oscar McClure’s Compost Remixes. Compost Remixes compilation also includes contributions from Brainfeeder’s matthewdavid, and various experimentalists from many walks of life.


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08/07/10 – Los Angeles