01. You’ve Changed
02. Bound Ball
03. Double Fifths
04. While You Doooo
05. Moments
06. Burner
07. Wind Loop
08. Lakeshore Ave.
09. Arthur’s Birds
10. Gordon
11. Bern Rhythm
12. Felt Tip
13. King Bathtub
14. My Whole Life
15. Long Distance feat. Gaby Hernandez
16. Why Like This
17. Humming Birds
18. Autumn Antique

As music from the Los Angeles area thrives and swells across the globe, one of it’ s most beloved
and deeply rooted members steps out with an LP full of infectious melodies, subtle hip-hop and a
kaleidoscope of sound. Music for the imagination.

Ardour is the debut album by long time running My Hollow Drum, Dublab, and recent Brainfeeder artist,
Teebs. Born in New York to Malawi and Barbados origins, Mtendere (pronounced “ ten-
de-ra” ) (Chichewa for “ Peace” ) Mandowa, is a 23 year-old producer who bounced around the East Coast
before finally planting his feet in the Southern California suburb of Chino Hills.

A city known for it’ s rolling hills and FBI ranking of one of the safest in the United States, Teebs
developed his artistry right outside Los Angeles’ county line and just south of the Orange County beach
community. Music may have come by accident, literally. A skateboard injury sidelined Teebs, which led
to a concentration on art.

Through great focus and vision, Teebs made a name for himself as a skilled painter. His artwork found on
canvases of all form, from walls to record covers, become imbued with vibrant color, energy, and shape.

From paint and brush, Teebs slowly found himself in the world of music making.

Early in his musical pursuits, Teebs joined a group of like-minded friends and producers who went by the
name ‘ My Hollow Drum’ . Within this crew, he was able to build new ideas, share works and perfect his
production craft. Intrigued with what was going on in Los Angeles’ evolving electronic scene, he never
expected to fall directly into it.

He began interning for the acclaimed online radio stream, Dublab. This sparked his self-expression, spirit
and growth as an artist. Being around music, art and a creative atmosphere while brushing shoulders with
the artists he admired from the area.

Teebs was accepted into the Red Bull Music Academy for their 2008 edition in Barcelona, Spain. Upon
arrival back home, Teebs became even more focused on his music and art. A chance meeting with Flying
Lotus led to his involvement and joining of the newly founded Brainfeeder collective. Having previously
heard from local producers and DJs about this new up and comer, Lotus didn’ t hesitate to take Teebs
under his wing after hearing some of his earliest beats. Ardour began to bloom.

Ardour was made during two major periods of his life. Having just lost his job and with little to no
money, Teebs moved into the same apartment complex as Flying Lotus and shared living quarters with
another Brainfeeder affiliate, Samiyam. It was here that the beginning stages and one-half of Ardour were
created. Before Teebs was aware his album was showing itself, his father who had been terminally ill,
passed away. He moved back home and stopped making music.

Back home, Teebs finished where he left off.

Ardour, two years in the making, is the result of Teebs’ journey thus far. More than the music, it’ s the feeling he wants to convey. The idea of hearing something you really love, the moment you know
something is really special. Flying Lotus said, “ Teebs music sounds like an island vacation…The way
Avatar looks.” What’ s often said about Teebs’ sound is the warmth it has on the listener. It’ s only fitting
that a title like Ardour, which is defined as “ great intensity and warmth” is used to represent this essential
chapter to the ever-growing puzzle of Los Angeles.