Mr. Oizo – Moustache (Half A Scissor)

1. Untitled
2. The End
3. Latex
4. Vagiclean 2
5. Straw Anxious
6. (E)
7. Nurse Bob
8. Berleef
9. Scum Hotel
10. Drop Urge Need Elle
11. (EE)
12. Stunt
13. Moustache
14. Half a Scissor
15. 1$44
16. Square Surf
17. Vagiclean

I know, I know, I know. You don’t have to say it. He’s there, too, in my head, that
little yellow fuck. Put him to bed, put him away, lock him in a box and throw the
box into the Grand Canyon. Don’t mention the muppet.

Five years after the 2000 debut album of Mr Oizo, “Analog Worms Attack,”
featuring a tune featured in an advert featuring a lemon-coloured creature­
who drives a car and bobs his cute ol’ head Mr Oizo returned with his second
album, “Moustache (Half A Scissor)”. Quentin Dupieux, who allegedly got his first
recording deal after his dad sold Laurent Garnier a car, had spent the intervening
period throwing out all his analog gear and learning to chop, programme and
explode beats and music on computers. The result was an album of such
aggressively funny and brilliant programming that most of the millions of people
who had got into the yellow thing ran around screaming and bumping into each
other until they cried and fell over.

It was heard, though, by aficionados including a young man in LA by the name
of Steve Ellison. Steve is now better known as Flying Lotus and his label,
Brainfeeder is re-releasing “Moustache” in an edition of 1000 vinyl copies. It’s a
thing of amazing, demented beauty which Ellison felt deserved to be heard again
and reassessed. “The original label that put it out thought it was unlistenable at
the time, they didn’t quite believe in it, but it was way ahead of its time. It’s an
honour for Brainfeeder to re-release this record, it’s one of the most inspiring
electronic records ever made.”

As for Dupieux himself, a successful film-maker as well as a musician, what does
he make of it? “I think 76% of this record is very inspired,” he explains. “The rest
is terrible and not really interesting.” He pauses and thinks this through “But hey,
76% is a good score.”