Jeremiah Jae – Raw Tape$

Jeremiah Jae – Raw Tape$ from Ounce. Films on Vimeo.

“Raw Tape$” by Jeremiah Jae
off the Rappayamatantra EP

Dir. Justin Staple & Jeremiah Jae

Rappayamatantra EP
Available now on Brainfeeder!


endless planet – beeple x Austin Peralta

endless planet from beeple on Vimeo.

Free source material released under Creative Commons.

Cinema 4D project file:

video: beeple / music: austin peralta – “Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles”

daily artwork:

Jae, Teebs, and Paris

Jae, Teebs, and Paris. from Ounce. Films on Vimeo.

OZ. 003

March 8, 2011
A montage of our time at Le Petit Social with Jae and Teebs.

shot by A.B., Jae, Teebs in Paris.
Yellow K-60 Soft Tip by Krink.
thanks to Julien Julien

Track: “Everyone Was There”
Free Download:

Mono/Poly at Low End Theory


Filmed//Edited by Flying Lotus
Manefestation EP out on Brainfeeder 2011

Thom Yorke at Low End Theory

Filmed by: Theo Jemison, Grace Oh, Arthur Mor, Alter

Editing: Strangeloop

(e)motion.trouble (loop)

Beeple X Matthewdavid


Ryat ”nose art” cover


Matthewdavid – International (feat. Dogbite) Video


Matthewdavid – International (feat. Dogbite) from BRAINFEEDER on Vimeo.

Directed by Miko Revereza. Audio featured from Matthewdavid – International EP (OUT NOW DIGITALLY) & Matthewdavid – Outmind LP (OUT APRIL 18th) BRAINFEEDER 2011.

Matthewdavid – International EP


International EP

1. International (feat. Dogbite)
2. All You’ll Never Know
3. Motion Trouble
4. Leaving / Gone

Matthewdavid’s lush and lucid EP International is a shimmering collage of coastal chillwave that engages the multiple channels in a listener’s subconscious.

A pleasurable pastiche of hazy beats, spectral synth work and saturating textures, International is a deep and dreamy endeavor. From diaphanous vocal samples to the silken strum of a guitar, soft ocean echoes to a laid-back 808, the EP lures the listener into a plush world that teems with sensory treasures. Drums glimmer like a musical mirage, gossamer melodies mingle with scattering beats while smooth waves wash over shuffles of sound.

This chill-inducing addition to the Brainfeeder catalog is compellingly rich and thoughtful, with four solid tracks that contribute another diverse layer to the label’s growing legacy. Like all of Matthewdavid’s work, International is far ahead of its time and transmutates from beginning to end, shapeshifting towards a fluid future with every glistening layer.