After a long hiatus, the hugely influential Brainfeeder Sessions returns for a night of mind-bending audio-visual exploration at the Downtown Independent! Featuring staple Brainfeeders alongside artists from the Singapore based A/V Collective SYNDICATE!

SAMIYAM [Brainfeeder]
MONOPOLY [Brainfeeder]
AUSTIN PERALTA [Brainfeeder]
STRANGELOOP [Brainfeeder]
CHERRY CHAN [Syndicate]
BRANDON TAY [Syndicate]
KIAT [Syndicate]


Singapore based visualist Brandon Tay will collaborate with Strangeloop to produce a visual show unlike any performed before at the Downtown Independent. Come experience a once in a life-time creative collision of two sub-cultures bent on re-arranging your neurological fields.

Additionally, the night will feature a special preview of Strangeloop’s upcoming A/V project for Brainfeeder entitled ‘FIELDS.’ As well as mind-blowing shorts from the third edition of the FUTURE CINEMA SERIES.

251 S. Main St. Downtown, Los Angeles
18+ 15$ 4.29.2011 10pm-tillyourheadblowsupAM

produced by Brainfeeder
in association with the Institute for Cinema Studies

beeple – canyon

canyon from beeple on Vimeo.

Free source material released under Creative Commons.

Cinema 4D project file:

video: beeple / sound: mono/poly – “forest dark”

daily artwork:

Matthewdavid – All You’ll Never Know

Matthewdavid – “All You’ll Never Know” (From International EP)
Directed by Ian Asbjornsen.

Matthewdavid – Outmind








1. Los Angeles Is Beautiful
2. Noche y Dia / San Raphael
3. Prayers At Bedtime
4. International (feat. Dogbite)
5. Group Tea (feat. Flying Lotus)
6. Like You Mean It
7. Epic Swan
8. Floor Music (feat. Niki Randa)
9. Cucumber-Lime
10. Today, Same Way
11. Being Without You
12. No Need To Worry – Mean Too Much (Suite)

Peel back a layer of smog from the LA sky and fold yourself into the blanket of haze. The golden half-light catches glimmers that pass by most eyes. Up here, there are treasures for those who tune in. Matthewdavid operates In this magnetic cocoon, unspooling magic radiance. His music reflects beautiful, fleeting moments and magnifies them. Matthewdavid’s compositions float like crackling clouds, antenna amplifying the dreams of the city below.

Matthewdavid is a man who builds with warm tones. He travels new paths gathering sounds to enhance the intricate dimensions of his creations. It was this hunt for inspired trails and blazing progress that pulled him to California. Matthewdavid made the move from southern states and was immediately embraced by the Los Angeles community. A willowy figure with wide smiles, his gentle presence and generous talents made him a welcome addition to internationally applauded LA creative circles: dublab, Poo-Bah, Low End Theory and Brainfeeder. Constant collaboration with these collectives helped inspire Matthewdavid to a build a platform of his own. His Leaving Records label has an ear to the next and an eye on the original. Through all these outlets Matthewdavid is dedicated to sharing elevated sounds and visions.

The songs unveiled on Outmind are destined for infinite replay. Light, gauzy moments blend with those densely layered. The biggest swing gives way to the slowest sway. These are classic jams obscured in fuzz and fog. Nostalgic jeeps bump invisibly to thumping bass. Outmind was lovingly crafted and resonates with Matthewdavid’s heartfelt glow. His music’s mysterious simplicity sparks senses. These songs come from far out to resonate within. Rotate your dial to a space between frequencies. Catch these ghost channels of golden pop. Outmind blends familiar rhythms with those lost long ago and others yet to come.

Matthewdavid’s live performances are akin to watching a sorcerer conjure spirits from the deep. He pulls tones like artifacts from an astral trail that ebbs and flows with fresh discoveries. Along the way Matthewdavid collects exotic sound figures: spiraling amethyst cones and wild flowering buds. He treats each found sound like a bright fiber to be weaved into new waveforms. Outmind pulsates with this sense of constant discovery. It is a mosaic sparkling with mystic, radiant matter.

As you listen to Outmind set your ears to slow dissolve. Let yourself be wrapped in warmth and levitate skyward to an elegant high. This is the place Matthewdavid resides and if you want to get into the mindset you must get far far out out.



Sunday afternoon Pool Party off Coachella.


Flying Lotus
Dam Funk
The Gaslamp Killer
Peanut Butter Wolf
+ Special Guests

Note: Space is limited. If the spot fills up, RSVP does not guarantee admission.

Your RSVP is good for you + 1 guest.

21+ w/ Valid ID

Lorn – Self Confidence Vol. 2

Hour and fourteen minutes of unfinished / unreleased / demo / don’t remember music from Lorn.

Photo: Shaun Bloodworth
Photo: Shaun Bloodworth

Lorn – Self Confidence Vol.2 Download
Lorn – Self Confidence Vol.2 Download (Alt)

Mono/poly – Manifestations


Manifestations EP

1. Manifestations
2. Forest Dark
3. Glow
4. Needs Deodorant
5. Toe Jam
6. Punch The Troll In The Neck
7. Vibrations (Alternate)

Manifestations is a funky and diverse sonic collection from Mono/poly, a talented member of the Brainfeeder roster. A well-paced work, the EP’s momentum grows and then contorts into other dimensions, balancing powerful rhythms and a beautiful depth for a holistically moving experience.

Manifestations has seven tracks, each with a very different tone. From the warm opening haze of the title tune to the complete crashing madness of “Punch The Troll In The Neck,” Mono/poly has cultivated a choice sonic garden to explore. The shifty beats of “Glow” are straight off the streets of Los Angeles, while the stakeout sounds of “Toe Jam” descend into the groove with fresh urgency. “Forest Dark” has a bipolar personality altogether, with a funky industrial grind that flips over headfirst into the ripples of a peaceful pond.

A strong debut on the Brainfeeder label for Mono/poly, Manifestations is a release whose many waxy layers are peeled away one at a time to reveal a glowing core of true talent and innovative sound design.

deoderant by beeple

deodorant from beeple on Vimeo.

Free source material released under Creative Commons.

video: beeple / audio: mono/poly – “Needs Deodorant”

audio: (fucking ace!)

Jeremiah Jae – Rappayamatantra


Jeremiah Jae
Rappayamatantra EP

1. The Dirty Collector Pt. 1
2. Kings Bop
3. Guns Go Off (Remix)
4. $easons
5. Raw Tape$
6. Vertical Pupils
7. Stones Passage
8. Glitter Kit

“Some rappers be killing my mood. I’ll listen to shit on the radio or hear a ‘hot’ new rap album from some dude, and it’s like my spirit curls up. The beats may be dope, and the style, but I’m not entirely into the motives or messages of these guys. It’s defiantly not ‘hate’ against any new or old artist that have gained such a high commercial popularity, nor am I directing my energy to compete with such musical acts, I just build my music from a different place spiritually.

Growing up, I was going back and forth from the north side of Chicago, going to art school, to the south side where gang members are young entrepreneurs and positive or healthy choices are met with anger and a deep unending struggle. Yet, being around certain people and having examples such as my father (a jazz composer, pianist, and vegan for over 10 years), exposed me to more holistic paths in life which helped open my mind, body, and spirit to discovering ways of expressing myself.

Rappayamatantra EP is a bridge between the Dxnce EP, and my future LP release entitled Raw Money Raps. Rappayamatantra, as a theme, came to me while I was reading “Be Here Now”, a book written By Ram Dass. It totally reaffirmed for me that everyone possesses a divine energy, and through certain practices and principles, anyone can realize and fulfill their own spiritual and creative potential. As a rapper, one challenge that can disrupt that true being, can be to remain relevant and even trendy so that one can be popular and make money.

With this record I didn’t want to think too much about commercial appeal or trends, rather the personal struggle to remain honest and balanced for anyone, be them a rapper, a teacher, or a friend. This record is intended to be a direct communication for the humans out there, if you dress fly, or not. Even if you like to play computer games or meditate in the mornings. Be empowered and enlightened through your own light the body possesses, and bump this EP in the whip! Please Cop! Hotep.”

- Jeremiah Jae

”When I first heard Jae’s ‘Dxnce’ I laughed a little, because I felt like I had found one of the chosen.

”A sound I’ve come to know through my own lineage. The sound of the Seeker.

”He’s one of those artists on a mission for truth, understanding worlds and seeing beyond space and time through music.

”Jeremiah is one of the most important NEW voices of our ancestry. I believe in this man and will go along with him and whatever the hell he’s seeking on this journey.”

- Flying Lotus

Teebs & Jeremiah Jae Interview – Sheffield, UK

Teebs & Jeremiah Jae Interview from Alex Keegan on Vimeo.

Interview with Teebs & Jeremiah Jae on tour in Sheffield, UK.
Video by Alex Keegan