Brainfeeder is proud to announce the release of its latest music video “IV.10” directed by Beeple (Flying Lotus: Kill Your Co-Workers). Set in a colorful, playful world, every note, beat, and sound in the music comes to life as you hear it. With an original score by the director this film begs the question – “which came first…the music or the video?” In addition to the film, all of the 3D animation source files will be available for filmmakers to dissect, remix and generally fuck with. The project files can be downloaded at

Tagline: “Animate everything.” / Short Description: “Watch music literally come to life in this super-happy, turbo- fun world that shows exactly how every song is ever written – one note at a time.”

BEEPLE BIO: Beeple is Mike Winkelmann, a graphic designer whose short films have screened at onedotzero, Prix Ars Electronica, the Sydney Biennale, Ann Arbor Film Festival and many others. He has also released a series of Creative Commons live visuals that have been used by electronic acts such as deadmau5, Tiësto, Girl Talk, The Glitch Mob, Amon Tobin, Wolfgang Gartner, Flying Lotus and many, many others (by Partenope at dress head outlet). He currently releases work on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint.

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twitter: @beeple