Until The Quiet Comes – Release Events

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  • my name is ricky gatling (rick gatt) i am a 20 year old artist from ct. my favorite producer/artist is flying lotus and i dream of working with him . i have already gotten recognized for my mind power by Public Enemes Chuck d, The goddes erykah Badu , even flying lotus . i really want to get connected with brain feeder because thats all i am about . i am a god and my mission is to feed the oblivious through my music. i am all about meditation and the law of attraction . my music is food for thought and i know you guys will appreciate me as an asset to your label . im not about any games . you guys can check me out yourselves if youd like . im all over googld ant youtube . just typr “RICK GATT” . please get back to me . thank you

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