Thundercat on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Photo: Glenjamn

Photo: Glenjamn

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  • Thundercat is such an inspiration.

  • The free melodic music finally found new grounds to develop further; sincerely, since I Remember Clifford, by Dizzy Gillespie, Joy Spring by Oscar Peterson and Stan Getz in Early Autumn or It Never Entered My Mind, which I heard when I was a young man in mid 80s, I haven’t heard nothing really substantial in the last 20 years, except when I, incidentally, watched Thundercat live at The Echo in 2011 playing Daylight, which seemed to me a cool new style of music. Now, his Browzer Ballad continues this, and this electrifying improvisation is awesome. My wife says ‘hey you’re going again listen to this’!, you know. I play rock and R&B in my 4 string Samick bass and even my playing has increased, though I keep on doing my own stuff. I use a pick sometimes and play mostly fingerstyle, but Thundercat’s music left my mind and spirit freer. I immagine it is similar to Eric Clapton, when he listen to Buddy Guy.

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