Slam poet champion and rapper DProsper has finally released the much-anticipated music video for his track “Elephant Ride.” The animated video is a socially conscious effort on DProsper’s part to help spread awareness around elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade. It was executive produced by Myspace in collaboration with DProsper’s label, Brainfeeder, as part of Myspace’s Music Video Collaborations With Artists We Like program — a series that empowers artists by backing them with creative resources and collaborations.

“There are 500,000 African elephants in existence. Upwards of 25,000 of those elephants are being killed per year. The idea for the song Elephant Ride was to enlighten people on human rights and digital rights while the visual animation component deals with anti-poaching for animal rights,” says DProsper.

“Elephant Ride,” which was produced by Flying Lotus, comes from DProsper’s debut solo project #Atom 12.12.12. The duo are also announcing a new Brainfeeder-released project slated for 2014 titled #ATOM “Echoes of Truth”.