Mr. Oizo
The Church

01. Bear Biscuit
02. Ham
03. Destop
04. Dry Run feat. Bart B More
05. Mass Doom
06. Machyne
07. iSoap
08. Torero
09. Memorex
10. The Church

Legendary French producer and Los Angeles resident Mr. Oizo presents The Church, a lavish foray into unexpected sonic dimensions. Limber and chaotic, The Church swerves from gasping intensity to minimal rapture. It is a loose cannon, a bold experiment that provokes outbursts of energy and dance.

“Bear Biscuit” crashes through the skull, a forceful debut of Oizo’s audio weaponry. Delusional undulations inhabit “Ham”, while “Mass Doom” flips from an industrial beginning into an elastic sonic swim. “Machyne” is wickedly alluring, a synthetic tightrope crossing the wild high of technology.

“Torero” drops into a thunderstorm, dabbling in the eye of an electrical tornado with a breakdown of flashing lights, shredded walls and colored confetti: pure swirling madness. Built with broken windows on a cavernous bassline, title track “The Church” closes the album with a luscious, geometric melody.

Unpredictable and assertive, leaden yet light – Mr. Oizo’s unique style and aerobic beats offer listeners an exhilarating aural excursion.