1. Honey I’m Home (Intro)
2. Street Signs
3. Million Bucks
4. Never Look Back
5. Back To The Future 4
6. Winner Seat
7. English Channel
8. Holy Matrimony
9. Life & Times
10. Coming Back (feat. Niki Randa)
11. The Last Ride

JP Moregun are PBDY (Production) & Jeremiah Jae (Raps).

The two connected way back in the early MySpace days, exchanging music and ideas online, years before actually meeting in person.

Eventually, their paths crossed in Los Angeles, where they both became part of the Brainfeeder movement – Jae as an artist and PBDY as a DJ (this will be his first release as a producer). Living a few minutes from each other, the two began making music together, finding loops, making beats and recording songs. Eventually they realised that a story was beginning to unfold before their eyes – The story of JP Moregun, a villainous gangster who will stop at nothing to reach the top of his game, and stay there.

The album, inspired by classic noir and crime films, tells the story of JP Moregun in a Tarantino-esque fashion. We start at the ending, (“Street Signs”) where our hero finds his death tied to a cement block at the bottom of a river. From there, we go back to the beginning where Moregun makes his bloody way to riches and grandeur, only to find himself betrayed and hunted. From death, to life, and back to death again, this is the way of the anti-hero who is looking for redemption but can’t escape his demons within.

The musical landscape created by PBDY for the album is stripped down and minimal, founded on loops drawing from Texas psych, punk music and esoteric avant garde. Jeremiah Jae narrates in his own dark and witty style. The only features on the album are from Flying Lotus collaborator Niki Randa and Tylana Renga (who played on Kamasi Washington’s “The Epic”).