Brainfeeder releases “Drownscapes” – a new sonic adventure by Locust Toybox – on the eve of Halloween (30th October 2017) as is befitting of such an eerily beautiful and otherworldly ambient excursion.

Locust Toybox is David Firth, a British artist best known for his animated works, in particular Salad Fingers. A good friend of label founder Flying Lotus, he joined the Brainfeeder Films family to share his most recent animated creations: “Cream” and “Umbilical World” and worked with FlyLo on his debut feature film “Kuso”. David makes music too, composing the soundtracks for almost all of his work as well as releasing standalone albums when he finds the time.

“I really wanted the misty bleakness of Northern England to come across,” he says of his latest album “Drownscapes”. “It’s an exploration of spacious areas, of descending into comforting madness, of being submerged under miles of water, surprised you are still able to breathe.”

“I think almost every track has been used in my cartoons and videos somewhere,” he says. “It isn’t a soundtrack album, it’s more of a best of the last 3 years of my atmospheric output.”

“I incorporated a lot of field recordings that I made in my local surroundings,” he continues. For example the track ‘Pipeo’ is based around recordings of a large water pipe that David climbed into with a selection of instruments. This recording technique has its pitfalls though: “I live on quite a noisy street so sometimes I just hang a mic out of the window and record the youths and drug dealers. I sometimes worry they’ll see the mic and think I’m gathering evidence,” he laughs.