Jameszoo - Fool

Jameszoo – Fool

PURCHASE THE ALBUM JAMESZOO FOOL BF059 1. Flake 2. Lose 3. Soup 4. Flu (ft. Arthur Verocai) 5. Wrong 6. Meat 7. The Zoo (ft. Steve Kuhn) 8. Crumble 9. Nail (skit) 10. Toots 11. Teeth The word ‘naive’ comes from the Latin ‘nativus’, meaning native, or natural. Today, to be naive is often seen...
WOKE - "The Lavishments of Light Looking" (feat. George Clinton)

WOKE – “The Lavishments of Light Looking” (feat. George Clinton)

“The Lavishments of Light Looking” (featuring George Clinton, prod. Flying Lotus)by Flying Lotus, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat [EXPLICIT] Download this track for FREE at
Thundercat - The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam

Thundercat – The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam

DOWNLOAD iTUNES | BLEEP | BOOMKAT | NINJASHOP Thundercat The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam BF055 1. Hard Times 2. Song for the Dead 3. Them Changes 4. Lone Wolf and Cub 5. That Moment 6. Where the Giants Roam / Field of the Nephilim Thundercat returns with his first solo material in two...
Azizi Gibson - Backward Books (Reloaded)

Azizi Gibson – Backward Books (Reloaded)


Azizi Gibson: Backwards Books EP


Flying Lotus : Ideas + Drafts + Loops

DOWNLOAD – Mediafire DOWNLOAD – Sendspace Tracklist: About That Time Adventure Sound – ft. The Underachievers An Xbox Killed My Dog Aqua Teen 24 Aqua teen inst 24 Between Villains Chasing Apples Colemans Groove . ft. Andreya Triana and Niki Randa Coswerved draft Flotus Flying Lotus – DJ Mehdi – Mapei IDEAS 1 MIX Hide...

Azizi Gibson – Ghost In The Shell


The Underachievers – May’s Patience

Mays Patience brings Junes Releases.” DOWNLOAD LINK HERE : The Underachievers present a new song entitled MAYS PATIENCE, a cut released in preparation for their new releases starting in June, and new project entitled CHAPTER 23. Produced by @THE20thLETTER New Music Video for their single THE PROCLAMATION coming in June.

Thundercat – Apocalypse (iTunes Pre-order)


Lapalux – Without You (ft. Kerry Leatham)

iTUNES | BLEEP | BOOMKAT | NINJASHOP | AMAZON Lapalux Without You BF038 1. Without You (Radio Edit) 2. Without You 3. Swallowing Smoke 4. Guuurl Without You is the standout single from Lapalux’s highly anticipated debut album, Nostalchic. Featuring the brilliant, breathtaking vocals of Kerry Leatham, it’s the perfect distillation of one of electronic...

Lapalux – Guuurl

DOWNLOAD iTUNES | BLEEP | BOOMKAT | NINJASHOP LAPALUX GUUURL BFDNL37S Debut single from Lapalux on his forthcoming album album Nostalchic, released March 26th 2013.

The Underachievers – Indigoism

DOWNLOAD The Underachievers Indigoism 1. Philanthropist (Prod. Blacktophero) 2. Revelations (Prod. Lou The Human (Tribe Gang)) 3. So Devilish (Prod. Dreamrite) 4. Sun Through The Rain (Prod. Eff. Dope (Tribe Gang)) 5. Maxing Out (Prod. Rich Flyer) 6. Herb Shuttles (Prod. Roca Beats) 7. T.A.D.E.D. (Prod. Mr. Bristol) 8. New New York (Prod. Entreproducers) 9....

Lapalux – Some Other Time

DOWNLOAD iTUNES | BLEEP | BOOMKAT | NINJASHOP | AMAZON VINYL BLEEP | BOOMKAT | NINJASHOP | AMAZON Lapalux Some Other Time BF032 1. Quartz 2. Jaw Jackin’ 3. Forgetting and Learning Again (feat. Kerry Leatham) 4. Strangling You With the Cord 5. Close Call / Chop Cuts Stuart Howard aka Lapalux returns with his...

Lapalux – The Hours

Lapalux – The Hours FREE Download to celebrate the announcement of the “Some Other Time” EP out 16th October 2012 on BRAINFEEDER. Artwork photography courtesy of She Is Frank Photography

Matthewdavid – Producers in 2012 Learn to Spread Love