Ross From Friends - Aphelion EP

Ross From Friends – Aphelion EP

BUY/STREAM British producer Ross From Friends aka Felix Clary Weatherall is the newest signing to Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder family. The 24 year old has a fistful of releases under his belt, the distillation of myriad influences from hip-hop cut ’n’ paste culture, 80s Eurobeat, Hi-NRG and Italo into lithe, irresistible, raw dancefloor trax. He made...
Thundercat + OG RON C & THE CHOPSTARS - Drank  (Chopped Not Slopped)

Thundercat + OG RON C & THE CHOPSTARS – Drank (Chopped Not Slopped)

BUY/STREAM Brainfeeder presents a special “chopped not slopped” mix of Thundercat’s incredible album “Drunk” (2017) by DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C of legendary Houston DJ collective The Chopstars. Slowed down and chopped up, the mix has been fittingly re-titled “Drank”. It appeared online last year as an unofficial homage to the virtuoso bassist, songwriter...
Locust Toybox - Drownscapes

Locust Toybox – Drownscapes

BUY / STREAM Brainfeeder releases “Drownscapes” – a new sonic adventure by Locust Toybox – on the eve of Halloween (30th October 2017) as is befitting of such an eerily beautiful and otherworldly ambient excursion. Locust Toybox is David Firth, a British artist best known for his animated works, in particular Salad Fingers. A good...
Lapalux - The End Of Industry

Lapalux – The End Of Industry

BUY / STREAM Following the release of his third album “Ruinism” in June 2017 (accompanied by startling visuals courtesy of Marielle Tepper and Hirad Sab) Lapalux returns with brand new music in the shape of “The End Of Industry” EP on Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder imprint. “The premise of this EP was to make something that...
Iglooghost - NEŌ WAX BLOOM

Iglooghost – NEŌ WAX BLOOM

BUY / STREAM In 2017, Iglooghost will release his debut album “Neō Wax Bloom”, almost two years to the day since he made his debut as a teenager on Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder imprint with the “Chinese Nü Year” EP – four tracks documenting the time-traveling adventures of a gelatinous worm-shaped creature called Xiangjiao. Expanding on...
CREAM by David Firth

CREAM by David Firth

Jameszoo - Flake EP

Jameszoo – Flake EP

BUY / STREAM Jameszoo, real name Mitchel van Dinther, announces his “Flake EP” – a follow-up to his debut album “Fool” released via Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder record label in 2016. Brand new cut ‘Rolrolrol (feat. Niels Broos)’ is released today with the EP released in full on 7th July 2017. There is also some very...
Lapalux - Ruinism

Lapalux – Ruinism

BUY / STREAM Lapalux releases his third album, “Ruinism”, on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. His previous LP, “Lustmore” was partially inspired by the concept of hypnagogia, a suspension of consciousness occurring between wakefulness and sleep. Throughout “Ruinism” the British producer takes this exploration further, journeying onward to the more ominous limbo space between life and...


PURCHASE / STREAM  Thundercat releases his third full-length studio album “Drunk” as of 24th February 2017 via Brainfeeder. The album is a 23-track epic journey into the often hilarious, sometimes dark mind of the Grammy-winning singer/bassist and finds a few of his friends joining him along the way including: Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Michael McDonald, Kenny...
Thundercat - Bus In These Streets

Thundercat – Bus In These Streets

BUY / STREAMFrom the album “Drunk” released February 24th 2017.Produced by Thundercat, Louis Cole, and Flying Lotus.Artwork by Zack Fox.
Jameszoo - Fool

Jameszoo – Fool



Iglooghost - Chinese Nü Yr

Iglooghost – Chinese Nü Yr

Kneebody + Daedelus - Kneedelus

Kneebody + Daedelus – Kneedelus

Thundercat - The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam

Thundercat – The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam