Artwork: by Jennifer Lee (TOKiMONSTA) The results are in, and another member of the Brainfeeder family, TOKiMONSTA, has been chosen as a participant for the upcoming Red Bull Music Academy in London 2010. She will now be included as another member of Brainfeeder RBMA alumni along with Flying Lotus, Samiyam, and Teebs. Toki is so...

Flaunt Feeder

Big thanks to the good cats at Flaunt Magazine for this dope piece on the crew. http://flaunt.com/

brainfeeder dreams

easy listening for our future children

I designed this graphic for my audio-visual LP : easy listening for our future children : coming 2010 watch for the Balance EP and Are We Lost Mammals REMIX compilation dropping before that …

Strangeloop at Brainfeeder Sessions

performing an audio-visual set, original tunes with vids sampled from the anime masterpiece MindGame. sooo much fun, can’t wait for the next one!

a short film by da StrangeLoop

cephalapodophilia from Dr. StrangeLoop on Vimeo.

calling…. planet…. earth….

yes, I da Strangeloop

a lil about me, Flying Lotus has been bugging me to put something up and clue people in so here goes … photo by peter molignano Lived in LA my whole life, born and raised. I’ve been making electronic music since I was fourteen when I got a copy of Protools LE ; my Dad is...

… transcendental epoch approaching …

dorian concept + flying lotus + GLK + Alex Bonfanti jam at brainfeeder london

+ill visuals by dr.strangeloop Brainfeeder LDN – Flying Lotus & Dorian Concept jam from Amy Johnson on Vimeo.

brainfeeder barcelona

Young Black Preachers (Free EP)

Hayhay our good friend Jae R passed us this ep. Check it out http://www.mediafire.com/?yinuinzegjf http://www.myspace.com/youngblackpreachers

RAS G reviewed in XLR8R

The good people over at XLR8R have written up a rather nice review about our man Ras G’s album, Brotha From Another Planet. Click on the picture below to have a look.. (((Airhorn!!!))) Photo: theojemison.com

David Lynch


Light Up