Thundercat - "Dragonball Durag" (Official Video)

Thundercat – “Dragonball Durag” (Official Video)

“Dragonball Durag” Directed by Zack Fox BUY/STREAM
Little Snake - YATDC

Little Snake – YATDC

‘YATDC’ is out now on Brainfeeder (Visualizer by Strangeloop Studios) BUY/STREAM A few words from Little Snake about his forthcoming EP “YATDC” comprising four new productions that juxtapose space, texture, melody, tempo and rhythm in his utterly inimitable style: “YATDC does not fit into the category of an EP, an LP, or anything in between....
PBDY - "Prey/Pray (feat. Casey MQ)" [Official Video]

PBDY – “Prey/Pray (feat. Casey MQ)” [Official Video]

“Prey/Pray (feat. Casey MQ)” Directed by PBDY BUY/STREAM
Daedelus - 'Creating Wonder' (Mini Doc)

Daedelus – ‘Creating Wonder’ (Mini Doc)

A mini doc by Jackie Radinsky
PBDY - "Tears or Rain (feat. Samuel T. Herring)" [Official Video]

PBDY – “Tears or Rain (feat. Samuel T. Herring)” [Official Video]

“Tears or Rain (feat. Samuel T. Herring)” Music Video by Diego Navarro BUY/STREAM  
Ross From Friends - 'Epiphany' (Official Video)

Ross From Friends – ‘Epiphany’ (Official Video)

‘Epiphany’ is out now BUY/STREAM
Salami Rose Joe Louis - 'Sitting with Thoughts' (Live at Home)

Salami Rose Joe Louis – ‘Sitting with Thoughts’ (Live at Home)

BUY/STREAM Salami at home performing her newest single “Sitting With Thoughts”
Dorian Concept - 'Booth Thrust' (Live)

Dorian Concept – ‘Booth Thrust’ (Live)

BUY/STREAM “Toothbrush / Booth Thrust” 12″ is out now on Brainfeeder
Salami Rose Joe Louis - "Octogonal Room" (Official Video)

Salami Rose Joe Louis – “Octogonal Room” (Official Video)

PREORDER Taken from the album ‘Zdenka 2080′, released 30 August 2019 on Brainfeeder Video by Japhy Riddle
Dorian Concept - "Toothbrush" LIVE

Dorian Concept – “Toothbrush” LIVE

Dorian Concept performing “Toothbrush” LIVE His two track 12″ is out Aug 2 PREORDER
VIDEO: Jameszoo & Metropole Orkest - 'Melkweg' (Trailer)

VIDEO: Jameszoo & Metropole Orkest – ‘Melkweg’ (Trailer)

PREORDER/STREAM ‘Melkweg’ out May 17th In 2017 Jameszoo opened Amsterdam Dance Event with a very special collaboration with Jules Buckley and the Grammy-Award winning Metropole Orkest at the iconic Melkweg concert hall. The recordings of this momentous collaboration will be released via Brainfeeder on 17 May 2019. The magic and the chemistry in the room that...
Perfect (Official Trailer)

Perfect (Official Trailer)

The official trailer for ‘Perfect‘ is here. Directed by Eddie Alcazar, with music from Flying Lotus. Executive produced by Steven Soderbergh. Starring Garrett Wareing and Abbie Cornish. Opening in theaters in NYC on May 17 and in LA on May 24
VIDEO: Flying Lotus - Fire Is Coming (Feat. David Lynch)

VIDEO: Flying Lotus – Fire Is Coming (Feat. David Lynch)

Preorder the new record by Flying Lotus out May 24th Video directed by Steven Ellison & David Firth
Beat Culture & the SP-404: Dibia$e, Flying Lotus and Ras G

Beat Culture & the SP-404: Dibia$e, Flying Lotus and Ras G

In the early 2000’s, Los Angeles cultivated an underground hip-hop beat culture, where every budding producer were on the same wavelength, experimenting like mad scientists in laboratories, and producing their next instrumental masterpieces. A community formed around these artists who crafted a lo-fi, gritty sound that warbled and hissed like worn cassette tapes and vinyl....
Brainfeeder X Compilation (4LP, 2xCD)

Brainfeeder X Compilation (4LP, 2xCD)

Available on: 4LP Boxset, 2x CD or Digital Download BUY/STREAM For the last ten years, Brainfeeder has reminded the world that the future is only as far away as it needs to be. It’s less a label than an international conspiracy to conquer clichéd sounds, a glowing neon helix re-organizing the DNA of hip-hop and...