easy listening for our future children

strangeloop LP

I designed this graphic for my audio-visual LP : easy listening for our future children : coming 2010

watch for the Balance EP and Are We Lost Mammals REMIX compilation dropping before that … :D

Strangeloop at Brainfeeder Sessions

performing an audio-visual set, original tunes with vids sampled from the anime masterpiece MindGame.

sooo much fun, can’t wait for the next one! :D

a short film by da StrangeLoop

cephalapodophilia from Dr. StrangeLoop on Vimeo.

strangeloop’s sketchbook (1)


sounds for dreaming

sounds for dreaming

a mix to fall asleep to ::

cliff martinez – don’t blow it (solaris soundtrack)
brian eno – ambient music for airports (1/4)
seven saturdays – suicide leap from hollywood sign
flying lotus – ambient practice 11.18.08
strangeloop – wavefronts
seven saturdays – the day after (underwater mix)
sigur ros – refur (underwater mix)
milieu – over hills
boards of canada – farewell fire