Minds Locked Together (Trailer) from BRAINFEEDER on Vimeo.


The Film really is a document of life in Sheffield, based around the Electronic music scene, but its also about the transformation of an empty venue , into a place to experience a specific musical event. Of course it features Performers but this is a celebration of the unsung heroes , the Promotors and paying Audience.

There’s always been an extremely vibrant and independent spirit in the City regarding music, with a culture of ‘ well if they dont cater for me i’ll start my own night ‘ – and I’ve wanted to record that for a while now.

The Title ‘Minds Locked Together ‘ is a phrase from a Venetian Snares track that i heard in Flying Lotus’s set about a year ago.

It started out as a commission from MaryAnne Hobbs, to produce visuals for her Sonar Stage set, in June this year. I hadn’t a clue what i was going to do at that time, but knew Roska had asked GiveUpArt to do a graphic visual and Flying Lotus had Strangeloop to do a multi layered animation – well i couldnt compete with those, so i decided to do something with live footage and it developed from there.

Because im essentially a stills Photographer, the film has been shot in a very similar way to a picture story with the same pace and rhythm, and its styled as close to my stills work as I could get.

It was filmed over a loose two month period , taking in venues from around the city , from organised Club Nights to Underground Raves, and I’ve re edited it together with Humanstudio and a mixed soundtrack by Sheffield producer and DJ Grievous Angel.

The full fifteen minute film can be seen at: SHAUNBLOODWORTH.COM

Camera and Editing: Shaun Bloodworth

Post Production: Humanstudio

Audio Mix: Grievous Angel