Taylor McFerrin
Place In My Heart (feat. RYAT)

Released 03/01/2011

Place in My Heart (feat. RYAT) is the debut single off of Taylor McFerrin’s full length LP ‘Early Riser’, due out on Brainfeeder in 2011. The song represents a style that many haven’t previously heard from the Brooklyn based producer. Leaning heavily on layered guitars and dense swirling effects, the music is dark and soulful, with a tone somewhere between beauty and pain.

A fitting match for the subject matter of RYAT’s lyrics, which are a letter to a loved one contemplating suicide. RYAT is a Philadelphia based Singer/Producer, whose album ‘Avant Gold’ sparked Taylor’s desire to collaborate on the track, which he felt was a perfect match for her distinct vocals. If ‘Place in My Heart’ represents one thing listeners can expect from the ‘Early Riser’ LP as a whole, it’s that McFerrin is more than willing to expand his sound in all directions.

The tune was recently selected as an ‘All Year Winner’ on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Radio show on BBC 1 and remains on heavy rotation. The music video, directed by Simon Benjamin, stars Taylor’s brother Jevon McFerrin and actress Stephanie De Latour, and is a perfect visualization of the story and emotion of the single.