From the Forthcoming Album ‘Family Portrait’ by Ross From Friends out July 27th.


“In 1990, when Felix (aka Ross From Friends) was just a twinkle in his father’s eye, his dad – having built up a sound-system in the 1980s while playing at various squat parties around London (including the then derelict Roundhouse) – decided that he wanted to get out of the capital and see some of Europe.”

He got hold of a bus and started on a trip that would change the course of his life. Not only would he build up a group of likeminded friends and associates, but he caught the attention of Felix’s (future) mum. She joined him on his European quest, documenting the journey as they went.

“They travelled through France, Belgium, West and East Germany (though returning through a unified one) and beyond, ” the story goes. “Setting up in towns to share their passion for the sounds of hi-NRG dance, Italo disco and proto-Techno through spontaneous parties in whatever venue they could find.”

A love story, a journey through rave, a voyage through dancefloors. Also a touching tribute to the figures who imbued Ross with his infatuation for the floor.